How to sound alive, alert and engaged on a conference call.

Many of us spend time participating in meetings via conference calls.

These calls have many benefits: They are efficient, save travel time and can bring people together from different parts of the world.  But, despite these perks, they also have their drawbacks. One of them is that sometimes, participants sound dull, tired or really monotoned on their end of the line, dragging down the energy and the OOMPH! of the meeting.

A major reason for this is that those people are most likely sitting down, back bent and head down, hunkered over a table.

When you sit like this, your voice pays a price.  You see, by bending your windpipe, you reduce the amount of air that you have available for speaking.  This makes your voice sound thin, weak and detached…resulting in that dull, tired and monotone sound at the end of the line.

Your voice is based on your breath and when you shrink the amount of air in your breath, you shrink your voice.

To keep your voice charged and to make your speaking more energetic on a conference call, stand up! Even better, move around and use your hands when you speak so that you get the air flowing around your entire body.

If you can, invest in a portable headset, so that you can have mobility.

These simple changes will make a world of difference to the sound of your voice on a conference call, creating a better atmosphere on the call itself and perhaps even influencing the productivity of the session.

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