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Discovering Your Personal Presence,

Which Circle Are You In?

In 2007, Patsy Rodenburg, a renowned British voice trainer and Shakespeare coach wrote a book called “Presence”. In it, she described that performers have different energies or levels of personal presence.

  • There is the FIRST CIRCLE: Here people are introverted and drawn into themselves. They are small in how they speak, move and take up space.
  • There is the THIRD CIRCLE: Which is the polar opposite of the first. Here people are extroverts, outside of themselves, big, loud and larger than life in how they dress, how they move and how they take up space.
  • The SECOND CIRCLE is the space in between the two other circles, where a person’s energy is focused. You seem natural, casual and at ease. You are taking up “just the right amount of space” so as not to seem too big or too small.

Patsy eloquently describes this second circle energy as energy that moves out towards the object of your attention, touches it, then receives energy back from it.  It’s that feeling you have when you are connecting with an audience… there with them in the moment, and they send you energy back through their participation in what you are doing.

It’s magical.

Ask yourself what circle of presence you fit into. Are you a first, second or third circle performer?

As a successful speaker, consider that you should aim to be in the second circle. From how you walk to how you talk, make it your goal to touch the audience with your message and they will touch you back with their acceptance of you and of what you are saying.

(This video accompanies this article.  Enjoy!)


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