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It’s a Great Time to Be a Speaker

  Ahhhhhhh! The bliss of being a speaker in the 21st Century. Your time is now! It’s never been easier to get in front of an audience. As such, this Public Speaking Hack has some words of wisdom to share about how to show up as the best version of yourself in this Golden Age. […]


The Right Time is Now!

Today more talks than ever before are being recorded, posted online and living in the ether of the internet for all eternity. This makes how you deliver your speech much more high stakes now, than in the past, because gone are the days when you could perform a keynote speech, give a short lecture or even […]


Who are You as a Speaker?

Dear Community, I need your help.  I would LOVE to get your input about how you perceive yourself as a speaker and what your needs are related to public speaking.  Your answers, which are anonymous, will help me to build game-changing content for a Master Class that’s coming soon… Please click-on THIS LINK to take […]